Kardinya JFC
Kardinya Junior Football Club


2019 sees our Club turn 40!  
And with this has bought about some substantial, and exciting change.

We are, and always will be, the Kardinya Junior Football Club, but is with great pleasure we announce the partnership with the AFL Gold Coast side, resulting in THE KARDINYA SUNS. 

This alliance promises to bring many positives, guidance and opportunities for the club.  

Our new logos, colours and designs have now been approved by both the Gold Coast, AFL & the South Fremantle district, so orders are being placed with the intention of all new uniforms rolled out to ALL age groups well before first bounce down!  

Please bear with us during this transition.  

New emails, websites and changes to the facebook page are also all currently being implemented.  

Thank you to all those who have been involved. 

Kardy Suns

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